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Central Indiana shoulder replacement surgery surgeonsIf you suffer from pain in your shoulder or elbow, you know those conditions can keep you from enjoying the activities you love. They may even interfere with your ability to take care of your family or perform your work. The orthopedic surgeons at Community Physician Network Orthopedic Specialty Care are leaders in Central Indiana for diagnosing and treating shoulder conditions, including rotator cuff injuries and arthritis. Our goal is to relieve your shoulder pain and restore functional motion so that you can resume your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Shoulder replacement

While the symptoms of shoulder pain may be tolerated with medications and lifestyle adjustments, there may come a time when surgical treatment is necessary. Total shoulder joint replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, removes the damaged portion of the shoulder joint and replaces it with artificial implants. Shoulder arthroplasty relieves pain and restores function for most people. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons have specialized, advanced training in total shoulder replacement and will provide you with a seamless continuum of care, from evaluation to treatment.

Reverse shoulder replacement

Reverse shoulder replacement IndianapolisA reverse shoulder replacement replaces a damaged shoulder joint with an artificial one. Reverse shoulder replacement is used for complex shoulder conditions, such as a shoulder with both arthritis and a rotator cuff tear. In contrast to traditional total shoulder replacement surgery, the artificial socket is placed on the upper arm, and the metal ball is secured to the shoulder to form a ball-in-socket joint. A reverse shoulder surgery allows the deltoid muscle at the shoulder to compensate for an impaired rotator cuff.

Shoulder impingement syndrome

Performing repetitive overhead motions or structural abnormalities in the shoulder can lead to shoulder impingement syndrome. This painful condition occurs when bone spurs in the shoulder rub or "impinge" on the top of the rotator cuff. Shoulder impingement syndrome can be treated with nonsurgical methods, but when such treatments fail, surgery may be recommended to relieve symptoms and restore function.

Rotator cuff tear and repair

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that help the upper arm stay in place at the shoulder and allow you to lift your arm. Sudden shoulder movements, falls or overuse can cause the rotator cuff to tear. The decision on how to treat rotator cuff tears is very individualized. Some rotator cuffs can be treated with nonsurgical methods. However, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary to ensure your smooth recovery and best outcome.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes dull pain, stiffness, and restricted motion. The exact cause of frozen shoulder is not fully understood, but is more common in diabetics, or people who have had cardiac issues or breast surgeries. Many people with frozen shoulder are treated successfully with nonsurgical methods. If your condition warrants surgery, our orthopedic surgeons are highly trained to perform arthroscopic surgery to relieve your shoulder pain with reduced recovery time.

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